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At Creekside, we’re a little different. We’re happy to empower you so that together, we can make the best choices for your pet. We are a team! Please use the search function to find trusted articles and references. We will continually build this library over time, so check back often.

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Parasites, Worms & Bugs

The Companion Animal Parasite Council is the leading group that exists to protect pets and their humans from parasites. Find reputable, continually updated information here ( and use the search function to look up any specific parasite that you have questions about

The American Heartworm Society was established in 1974 to protect pets from the suffering and death due to Heartworms. What we know about this disease improves every year. Use this amazing reference to learn more:

Senior Pets & Quality of Life

How Do I Know When It’s Time?

Quality of Life Assessment

Senior Dog at Home Therapy

Senior Dog Mobility

Preparing for and navigating through the loss of a beloved pet is one of the most difficult emotional times in our lives as pet owners. We at Creekside hope that these resources may be of help to you. Our sympathies are with you during this very trying time.

Grief Resources

UT Veterinary School Grief & Bereavement

Argus Institute

American Veterinary Medicine Association

Veterinary Wisdom for Pet Parents

Rabbit Loss (House Rabbit Society)

Bird Loss (Wings of Compassion)

Pet Loss Support Page

Rainbow Bridge Pet Loss Deck

Helping Children Cope

Helping Children Understand Pet Loss

Helping Kids Grieve

Grief Support for Children

Children’s Grief Activity Book

Anticipatory Grief

Planning for End of Life

How Do I Know When It’s Time

Body Care Options for Your Companion Animal

Pet Loss Chat Rooms & Discussion Groups

Pet Loss Support Group – UTK

Grief Group Support

Association of Pet Loss & Bereavement

Crisis Intervention

National Suicide Prevention Lifeline
Hours: Available 24 hours. Languages: English, Spanish

Beloved Pet Keepsakes & Memorial Ideas

Affordable Watercolor Pet Art

Pet Angel

Cuddle Clones

Plant a Tree In Memorium

Creekside Memorial Garden & Creekside Care Alliance Memorium Donation
Coming soon!

Other Donation Ideas
Breed Rescues
Local Shelters
University Research related to Diagnosis

We are hopeful that the resources we’ve gathered for you provide support during this very difficult time. Our thoughts are with you. Please don’t hesitate to reach out if we can help you further.

The Creekside Team

The Dream Team’s Favorite Websites & Pet Products

These are a few of our favorite things!

Walk Easier with a Gentle Leader
For easier, safer, more controlled walks, try a Gentle Leader. Make sure you go through the steps to help your pup get accustomed to it!

APHIS Pet Travel
If you’re thinking of traveling with your pet, start here.

Learn about Heartworms
Heartworms are a major problem for dogs AND cats in our area. Being an informed pet parent is important. Learn about these deadly worms with the help of the American Heartworm Society

Help Prevent & Treat Anxiety
Do you have an anxious pet or want to prevent your pup from becoming anxious? Bookmark this webpage and check back often. Did you know many of our staff have become Fear Free Certified, and we are Low-Stress Handling Certified?

AAHA is the Standard of Excellence
The American Animal Hospital is a voluntary accreditation board that certifies only the most modern, safe practices. It is our goal to become accredited within one year of opening. We have all the pieces in place and know we will succeed! Learn more about AAHA here

Ruffwear Outdoor Gear
Is your pet an outdoor enthusiast? Check out these quality products that our team loves

Indoor Cats Need More
Cats are actually a little trickier to make happy than you think. We think nearly every single cat owner would benefit from doing some reading on this page!

Litter Box Robot
Love the cat, hate the litter box? This gadget is not cheap, but it is highly acclaimed!

Responsible Breeding Starts Here
Thinking of breeding or wanting to see what genetic tests should be performed in a certain breed? This website allows you to look up your breed and see what tests should be done before anyone decides to breed.

Pets Can Talk!
What if you could teach your dog to speak your language? See how Christina taught Stella, and then give it a go with your own pet!

Cat Scratching
Did you know that there is research proving that cats do have a favorite shape, size, and texture of scratching post? You may solve some nuisance behaviors just by getting the right post in your home!

Favorite Treats
Searching for the perfect low-calorie dog treat with transparent ingredients and profiles that can be safe even for most food allergy dogs? Look no further.

Silent Pet Tags – No More Jingle
Does the jingle of the pet tags disturb your peace? Check out this silent alternative

Cats Like Running Water
Most cats would be healthier for longer if they drank more water. The sound of running water from their own water fountain can encourage just that.

Why We Don’t Declaw
This group is on a mission to make sure people understand that cats should keep their claws. Look closely; you’ll see Dr. Radford as a trusted vet for cats!

Clicker Training is Key
Interested in doing amazing training with your pet? You will want to look into Clicker Training.

Training Your Puppy
Dreaming of finding the fast track to a perfectly trained puppy? We’ve got the perfect book for you.

General Dog Behavior
An excellent reference for dog behavior

Toe Grips = Less Slips
Does your dog have trouble on slick floors, or do aim to protect them from falls due to back or joint disease? Toe Grips are one of our favorite products!

Best Dog Bed
The ONLY bed proven to reduce your pet’s pain! Plus a 10 year warranty!

Help your Diabetic Pet
There’s an app that can help you improve your diabetic pet’s life