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To say I was lucky to work for Dr. Radford would be an understatement. It was a great experience to be able to learn from her and watch her practice. It truly showed me that a DVM can and will go above and beyond for your pet. She is truthful, compassionate, and dedicated to her work which is inspiring to say the least! Thank you, Dr. Denise Radford, for all of your help with my knowledge of veterinary medicine and most importantly, taking care of my fur babies.

Jordan S.

Dr Radford is such a kind and caring veterinarian. She treats every one of her patients as individuals and always finds a way to compliment them. She takes her time with clients to explain a diagnostic treatment plan.
Also a bonus that my dog Stella loves her. 🐶

Hannah B.

Having worked with her I can truly say that she is compassionate, VERY knowledgeable, stays current and up to date with the latest treatments, is a “stress free” veterinarian (which means she will strive to help make your furry family member’s visit as comfortable as possible), and will treat her patients as if they were her own!!!❤️❤️❤️❤️
Jennifer M.

Dr. Denise Radford is one of the most caring people I know. Her love and concern for animals is second to none. Not only does she care for your pets, she truly cares for the owners needs and concerns. You won’t find better advice or care.

Sam S.

Dr. Radford is the most amazing veterinarian I’ve ever had the pleasure of working with because not only is she compassionate with your pets, she’s also compassionate with the humans especially those who she works with. She treats everyone with respect. She is always giving the best care for the patients and is always staying up to date on veterinary medicine especially during her free time. She is a 100% advocate for a stress-free/fear-free environment for the animals. She is the only one I trust to care for my cats.
Laura R.

Any pet that is treated by Dr Radford should be considered lucky!! I know my pets were lucky to have been treated by her! Being a compassionate veterinarian is 100% her calling in life! ❤️🐾
Meghan C.

Greyhound savvy vet! We had been having issues with our greyhound and resistant hookworms (very common problem for the breed) and we were unhappy with our vet’s recommendation. After discussing the problem with Dr. Radford, she had mention she just read an article on the topic the week before and provided us a treatment plan to address the issue AND WE WERE SUCCESSFUL!!!
Dr. Radford’s expertise allowed us to get rid of a very persistent problem and we are so thankful for her knowledge and guidance.
Not only did she provide great care to our dog, but she took the time to answer all of our questions – no matter how small.
We also valued the fact that she is an evidence-based practitioner. She researches the recommended protocols and uses this research to inform her practice. We wouldn’t be rid of the our resistant hookworms without her informed decision-making.
I highly recommend her to anyone with animals in their lives!
Dallas B.