Veterinary Services

Pet Wellness Care in Cleveland, TN

Annual Wellness & Preventative Care

At Creekside Veterinary Hospital, we believe your pet’s healthcare plan should be made based on your pet’s needs, risks, symptoms, and previous care. It is our guarantee that we will take all factors into account and offer you the best plan of action for your pet. For most pets, we complete most steps of the appointment in the exam room, right in front of you. Our team is compassionate, with advanced certification in Low Stress Handling Protocols. Let us help your pet live the longest, happiest life possible. Keep an eye out for our Creekside Care Plans, a convenient monthly payment option for wellness and preventative care, coming soon!

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Annual Exams

We want to be a member of your pet’s care team. Communication is crucial in any relationship, and we hope you find value in your pet’s annual tests and check-ups. It is critical for your pet’s health that you bring him or her to Creekside Veterinary Hospital for annual exams. We provide complete physical examinations so that any possible concerns can be identified before they become severe issues. Many pet health issues can be avoided with regular physical examinations, which is why we recommend that your pet get at least two exams with our team every year. While physical examinations are important for animal health, you can help by being a responsible pet owner. Take careful notes if you observe anything unusual about your pet and bring them to Creekside Veterinary Hospital for an appointment!


Many diseases that might afflict dogs and cats can be avoided with regular pet vaccines. We’ll make sure your pet is up-to-date on vaccines and put them on a regimen to ensure they stay up-to-date from the first visit to Creekside Veterinary Hospital.

Our Cleveland veterinarian will explain the best course of action for your pet’s immunization regimen based on his or her age, medical history, lifestyle, and environment. You can bring your cat or dog in for their first round of vaccinations as early as eight weeks old.

After your pet has the initial vaccines, you’ll need to bring them in every few weeks for boosters for roughly three months. After your pet has completed the initial vaccine series, they will need booster shots every 1 to 3 years, depending on the vaccine and your pet’s lifestyle.

Parasite Prevention

It’s easy to keep your pet protected from parasites such as fleas, ticks, and heartworm, and we’re here to assist you. Why is parasite prevention important? Please contact us to ensure that your pet is safe from these parasites.

Fleas are tiny, leaping insects that feed on animals’ blood. They can spread hazardous infections to pets and frequently induce allergic dermatitis, which causes extreme itching.

Ticks are external parasites that feed on animals’ body fluids. They may transport infections from one animal to the next and are the primary cause of Lyme disease, ehrlichiosis/anaplasmosis, and Rocky Mountain spotted fever.

Heartworm is a parasite that can dwell in dogs’ and cats’ hearts. Mosquitoes spread the worm from an infected animal to other animals. Several hundred worms can dwell in a dog’s heart, and parasite infection can cause considerable damage and even death.

Let’s get your pet on preventative treatment for these parasites right now if they aren’t already.

Senior Wellness
There is nothing sweeter than a grey muzzle and the cherished bond between a senior pet and its family. We promise to treat your senior pet with the compassion, attention, and love that they deserve. Together we can make the golden years comfortable and fulfilling.
Exotic Animal Wellness
Feathers, fins, scales, and fur are all welcomed here. Only a few exceptions apply! We are unable to care for tarantulas, potbelly pigs, or goats at this time. Dr. Radford has accumulated vast experience and she’s excited to help the exotics of Cleveland, TN and its surrounding areas.
Behavioral Care
Separation anxiety, storm anxiety, urinating outside the litterbox, and fear-related aggression are the most common behavioral concerns we see. You are not alone. Sometimes a medical problem is the root of the behavior. Even if it isn’t, there are ways to help. Your pet doesn’t need to suffer. Call us to schedule an appointment today.
Weight, Nutrition & Excercise Counseling

Did you know 2 extra pounds on an average size cat is enough to give them a high risk of diabetes? Did you know that dogs that spend their life overweight live, on average, 2.5 years less than dogs that are a healthy weight? Creekside’s Veterinary Team will help you learn to assess your pet’s weight, feed it the correct amount of calories from food and snacks, and be well on its way to a happier, longer, healthier life.