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Pet Memorials

Pet Memorials

Honor the cherished memories of your beloved pet with a memorial on our website. Celebrate their unconditional love and companionship with personalized tributes that will forever hold a special place in your heart.


Everyone who knows me, knows how much I loved my son. My little boy. Spudgie has been with me through the hardest times in this life. He was the only constant, the one thing that remained from a life I lived before. He stuck with me through a failed marriage, through losing my purpose and finding a new one, through loss of family and friends. He was an anchor of sorts and always loved me…always. Today I had to make the absolute hardest decision, the one to let him go. To let him rest. He was tired. He was sore. His little legs didn’t work as good, neither did his eyes, ears, or mind. But he kept holding on. I’m sure for me, not for his own comfort. But the last few weeks he had been struggling. Food wasn’t a comfort, snuggles didn’t help, only sleep…which was restless . He had been with me for 17 years….and was not a puppy when he showed up on my doorstep. But he was my best friend and my confidant. He was the most frustrating, stubborn, and fussy little man…but he was special. So special that those of you who know me and may not like me, at least liked my little Spudgie dog. He’s at peace now. He went quietly, comfortably, along side his family who loved him more than anyone could ever imagine. Today was one of the hardest days I’ve lived through, but I did it with my family. Just the three of us. Lindsey Kiker and myself, and our little boy, who will be with us forever. Our doodlebug , our little man, Spudgie. God bless that little guy. He was one of a kind and will always be with me in my heart.

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