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Pet Boarding & Bathing In Cleveland, TN

Pet Boarding & Bathing

Who said your pet can’t go on vacation, too? Our boarding facility is intimate and is designed with your pet’s comfort in mind. From noise reduction, outside views, comfy beds, and play space – we thought of it all.

Annual Stay & Play - Coming Soon!

We’re so excited to offer this as an option for our clients! Life is busy, and sometimes it can be hard to squish in your dog’s annual appointment into your overly booked schedule. We pledged to make Vet care more convenient, and here’s one of the ways we’ll do it! Fill out a form online at your convenience. The more thorough, the better! Drop your pet off before work or your daily hustle. We will house your pet for the day for playtime and call you via video chat when we’re ready to do the exam and vaccines! You’re more than welcome to tour our facility and the play yard before you schedule. It’s the best of both worlds, and we can’t wait until this program gets big!



Drop Off & Pick Up Times:

  • Monday, Tuesday, Thursday & Friday – 8:00 am to 6:00 pm – by appointment
  • Wednesday – 8:00 am to 1:00 pm – by appointment
  • We are currently closed for drop off and pick up on the weekends, but this will change as our hours continue to expand! 


Our booking policy is fair and allows for full refund or credit on your CVH account if your travel plans are to change. You can find more on our waivers and policies here.

On your day of pick up, there is no charge if you pick up before 5:45 pm. If you do not arrive for pickup before 5:45 pm, the day rate will be applied to your due to the continued care of your pets for the day


  • 60+ pounds: $37 per day
  • 30-60 pounds: $35 per day
  • 29 pounds or less: $30
  • If you are bringing more than 1 dog and would like them to stay in the same kennel, each additional dog is a flat add on fee of $20.00 each. You will be required to sign a safety waiver to utilize this discount.


  • $30 per day


  • $25 per day
  • For exotic boarding you must bring EVERYTHING that your pets need. It is not possible for us to keep all of the equipment or food needed for all of our different exotic pets in the hospital at all times. 

What’s Included: 

  • 10 point Boarding Intake Checkup by our Med Team
  • Private suite with window view to the outside (even for cats!)
  • Cats are kept in an entirely dog-free area of the hospital to help them be comfortable during their stay
  • Privacy shade available for all suites
  • All suites are heated and air conditioned.
  • Carefully planned ventilation and drainage systems to improve your pet’s stay
  • Daily peanut butter or cheese frozen kong
  • Elevated bedding
  • Food & Water bowls
  • Litter boxes & climbing areas for kitties
  • Daily photo updates to owners via e-mail
  • Medical grade tracking & record keeping to ensure your pet is comfortable, healthy, free from excessive stress and eating during their stay. 
  • Walks and Private Playtime outside at least 4x per day on weekdays and 3x per day on weekends. 
  • 24/7 Music for pets: most pets prefer classical music 😊
  • Natural, veterinary approved stress relief diffusers for feline friends
  • On site veterinarian during open business hours
  • Outdoor Amenities:
  • Security within a 10 foot privacy fence and double gate system 
  • Gravel walking trail, real grass lawn, sprinkler, fire hydrant for enrichment, and (coming soon!) agility play platforms & ramps!

Add ons: 

  • Medical Care – our team is capable of providing all types of medical care – from daily to monthly pills, liquids, injections or even ear cleanings! We’re here to keep your pet safe AND healthy while you’re away. $10 per day that a treatment is given.
  • Supervised Playcare  – $15 per pet per day
  • Anxiety Relief (Prescribed by Veterinarian, must have valid Vet-Client-Patient Relationship) – $ varies based on treatment prescribed.
  • Bathing (Free exit bath with 10+ night stay!) – $ varies, call for estimate
  • Nail Trims (depending on pet’s comfort level) – $ varies, call for estimate


We have a variety of sizes of kennels, all designed with your pet’s safety, privacy, and comfort in mind. The kennel space is laid out in a way that unfamiliar dogs do not have to see each other often – which is important for preventing them from being too stressed. Our kennel is low volume and relatively quiet, which also helps decrease stress. 

The kennels themselves are made of materials that allow us to keep them clean and fresh, painted in colors proven to be stress relieving to pets, and have clear glass doors with windows that align to the outside so that they can see the outside – which is essentially Natural TV for your pet! 

All our dogs go outside three to six times per day and our team has been known to provide extra 1 on 1 snuggle or play time during their lunch breaks <3 Trips outside are generally between 15 and 30 minutes each but can vary significantly with the weather and your pet’s preferences.

Cats stay in luxury cat condos with private ventilation, private windows, and separate areas for eating, sleeping and pottying. If your cat wants to, they will be invited out of their private condo in the general cat boarding area to play with our Patient Care team.

What to bring:

  • Food for the length of stay
  • Feeding Instructions
  • Medications
  • Vaccine records/Medical records
  • Toys and other comforts from Home
  • Treats

Vaccine Requirements

Because we are a medical facility, vaccinations must be current for the safety of your pet. Vaccines can be boostered on intake to Creekside for boarding, but please be advised that vaccinations take a couple weeks to take effect and become protective. 

Dog vaccine requirements: Rabies, Parvo/Distemper, Bordetella, Leptospirosis 

Cat vaccine requirements: Rabies, RCP, FeLV

CVH clients and patients may be on extended vaccine protocols, meaning their vaccines may be considered current for more than 1 year at a time. Most other facilities/vaccine clinics use 1 year vaccines. If you have questions about what vaccines your pet will need, please get us a copy of their vaccine records at your earliest convenience. 

Want to take a tour? 

If you have more questions or would like to take a tour, please call 423-709-7979. We can’t wait to meet you and your pets! 


Bathing your dog can be back-breaking labor. Let us handle it for you. Beware – schedule your pet’s “Holiday Touch Up” well in advance!