Creekside Cares Alliance, 501(c)3

Creekside Cares Alliance, 501(c)3

Creekside Cares Alliance, 501(c)3 was formed to “Help Cleveland Help Pets.” We will fulfill this commitment with a multifocal approach, unique to the area.
Creekside Cares

Our Mission

✔️ Cover costs for housing, food, toys, and medical care for local pets in need

✔️ Sponsor kennels or runs in local shelters

✔️ Foster dogs or cats occasionally under the roof of Creekside for local shelters and rescues

✔️ Partner with local shelters and rescues to provide lower cost veterinary care

✔️ Donate toward the veterinary care of clients who have found themselves in extenuating circumstances and require assistance to help their pets

Creekside Cares Alliance, 501(c)3 functions separately, but within, Creekside Veterinary Hospital.

Our current adoptable animals

Duke has found himself in need of a new home. If you have room in your heart, home, and wallet for a new family member, please email us!

Mighty “Duke” is a one-brown-eye one-blue-eye, 9-year old, neutered male Catahoula mix with an energetic and fun-loving personality. At 75 lbs, he thinks he is a cowboy! He’s an athletic retriever of frisbees and a “lover” as he gives kisses and enjoys snuggling.

Duke is at his best within a fenced-in yard to allow him to exert his energy. He is also well-behaved inside of a house. Duke is not a problem barker. He gets along with most dogs (especially females), but not cats… just like a cowboy would.

Duke’s owners recently experienced a major life change and had to sell their property. Further, Duke just lost the companionship of his fur-brother and fur-sister (due to old age) from within his pack of 3, leaving him solo.

We are looking for a new home for Duke – and a new owner with love to spare…!

Email Creekside Veterinary Hospital at [email protected] if interested!


We are proud to have helped these pets be rehabilitated and placed into their forever, loving homes.