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Pet Surgery & Emergency Care in Cleveland, TN

Pet Surgery & Emergency Care

Please read below to learn more about our pet surgery and emergency care service. Let Creekside Veterinary Hospital help you help your pet.


Whether it’s scheduled or emergent, we are equipped to handle most surgical needs. If your pet is in better hands with a Board Certified Veterinary Surgeon, we will not hesitate to offer you that option. We understand that surgery can be scary for you and your pet and we pride ourselves on effectively communicating with you before and after your pet’s surgery, taking extra steps to relieve stress in your pet, and allowing you to tour our facility before you commit to surgery with us. We are huge advocates for anesthesia safety – and while there are always risks – Dr. Radford uses modern anesthesia protocols and human-grade anesthesia monitoring equipment to protect your pet like it were her own.

Emergency Care

We see our own emergencies during open hours. Please call ahead of time so that we can prepare. If you call ahead and we advise you to go to an ER Vet in Chattanooga or Knoxville, that is only because we already can tell we do not have the proper equipment that we would need to best serve your pet. Dr. Radford works closely with the doctors at VCSG in Chattanooga and recommends you see them if we are closed.