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With the core values of integrity, compassion, modern medicine, collaboration, and efficiency, CE and growth is important for EVERY member of our team. The resources can help you meet your goals for self-guided learning, aid you in presentations and blog articles, social media posts AND help you meet standards for profit sharing bonuses, if applicable. 

If you come across a link that doesn’t work, please notify the Hospital Manager via Slack. If you find new resources, please also let the Hospital Manager know via Slack. Thank you for your help!  

Website Resources

Most of these companies also have Facebook and IG pages where they offer one-time virtual events, talks, and classes – check them out! 

https://veterinaryeuthanasiaeducation.com/ up to 6.5 hours of CE surrounding euthanasia  and end-of-life care 


Idexxlearningcenter.com – Free website with webinars, seminars and conferences about diseases,  diagnostics, practice management, STEPs, and product training for all of our diagnostic machines in the hospitals. 

Simplified ILC registration steps: To create an ILC account with the simplified process, users can go to idexxlearningcenter.com click sign in, and will be prompted to: 

  • Provide a valid personal email address and create a password 
  • Confirm account registration via confirmation email 
  • Provide basic user profile information, including first and last name, country, and language 
  • How to talk to clients about recommended testing 
  • Diseases such as parvovirus, kidney disease, Cushing’s, diabetes and more 
  • Diagnostics on critical care, ECG, Fecals, cytologies, radiology, and more 
  • VTNE preparation and practice tests 
  • How to run certain tests on our machines 
  • How to run quality control tests, maintenance, rebooting, cleaning, and more 

https://www.proheart6.com/proheart-certification.aspx: This certification is required to be  able to administer Proheart 6 & 12 to patients 

https://www.elancoresources.com/: Educational Information about all of Elanco’s products, including:

  • Interceptor Plus 
  • Credelio 
  • Galliprant 
  • Onsior 
  • Vaccines
  • And more 

https://vetvance.com/advance: Launch your Veterinary career with help in Business skills, Professional Development, Financial literacy, professional stewardship, and personal wellness. 

Learn.zoetisus.com: At Zoetis Learning Solutions, it’s our goal to provide you and your team access to quality online education. By signing up today, you can gain access to: 

  • Professional development opportunities 
  • RACE-Approved continuing education course credit 
  • Knowledge expansion in key disease areas 
  • Product-level training, information and support 

https://www.dispomed.com/veterinary-triage-protocol-best-practices-for-fro nt-office-staff/: Lots of very informative articles 

https://www.cliniciansbrief.com/: Informative articles, CE, Podcasts, and more 

https://capcvet.org/– Companion Animal Parasite Council is an organization that is dedicated to  increasing awareness of the threat of parasites present to pets and family members 

Vettechprep.com: Excellent website to help study for your VTNE. Get a 45 days access for $149, a 90 day  access for $179, or a 180 day access for $269. They offer monthly payments as well. 

https://iscaid.org/– International Society for Companion Animal Infectious Diseases – Dedicated to  improving the care of pets with infectious diseases and controlling the spread of these diseases through  awareness. 

https://go.atdove.org/– is a teaching hospital that offers amazing video lessons applicable to all  positions in our hospital. You can do a free trial and watch many videos. If enough of you are dedicated to  getting some major learning in during a month, we may be able to purchase a 1 month trial for all of you too.  If you’re ready for this, please use the LEAN board to bring it up.  

https://www.pattersonvetuniversity.com/pages/course-catalog offers many free courses on a diverse array of topics. Some paid courses too, but many free! 

https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCovGqp1rTboSZIXeVDsCFGg VCSG in Chattanooga is working on a page with training videos.  

https://cetambassador.virbac.com/ Dental Authority Certification Program – dental care, dental surgery, communicating about dental 

https://www.avma.org/resources-tools/wellbeing/qpr-suicide-prevention-training QPR training helps you to identify those at risk for suicide, including yourself. Training is free for all vet professionals through this link 

https://www.heartwormsociety.org/ stay up to date with the latest on heartworm disease.  Learn about the important disease and how to talk to owners about it 

https://catvets.com/education/elearning cat friendly CE 

https://fearfreepets.com/fear-free-certification-overview/ fear-free certification 

AAHA also offers some educational classes for: 

https://www.midwestvetsupply.com/wps/portal/c/continuing-education offers a general library for online CE lectures as they become available. Some from AMAZING people. Check back often. Most are free.  

https://www.purinaproplanvets.com/webinars Purina CE – they offer plenty of topics, not just nutrition 

https://my.royalcanin.com/benefits/veterinary-community Free CE from Royal Canin.  You do have to create an account 

https://hillsathomece.com/ Free CE from Hills.  

www.thinkanesthesia.education Anesthesia-specific learning from Jurox. 

www.vetmedteam.com/classes-free.aspx – Variety of options. Compassion Fatigue course looks good.  

https://azvma.org/page/WellnessResourcesNot lectures specifically, but a ton of good wellness resources. Additionally, if someone would like to take charge of creating a clinic-wide wellness program it would be a GREAT opportunity! 

https://www.vetfolio.com/pages/trial-page Some free courses here; can also look under “sponsored content.” 






https://learning.myisolved.com/classroom/course-categories/8/courses – Not veterinary specific, but apply as well. 

https://www.bi-connect.com/customer/account/login/ Boehringer Ingelheim-related CE. It does require login; each staff member will have their own. If you don’t have one, contact the Hospital  Manager.  




https://www.brainshark.com/1/content/en/portal/home I wouldn’t bother with this one unless you’ve exhausted all the others. You’ll need to get login info from DDR/management. Some assorted lectures are available but mostly boring meeting minutes. 


https://edquest.vgpvet.com/enrollments   – username: [email protected] password: Creekside

https://learn.ignitevet.com/enrollments – username: [email protected] password: Creekside

https://connect.vetriproline.com/behavior-champion/ – To Your Champion